Support for the most vulnerable to continue their business after the pandemic crisis

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a new global economic crisis became the topic that drew the attention of the public. Now, it isn’t seen as a potential threat, but as a certainty for which no one can predict what kind of consequences it will bring, or what kind of chain reaction it will trigger. It is also certain that no segment of the economy will be spared, and the biggest fear is among the weakest and the smallest companies, which have just walked into the business world.


EUBID supports business incubators development

Team of experts of EUBID (European Union Support for Business Incubator Development) project stayed in Novi Pazar, during their visit to the business incubation initiatives across Serbia.

The project is implemented with a goal to increase business incubators’ capacity in the next two years, so young people, who have just started their businesses, could more easily advance the quality of their services. If you want to experience the meeting atmosphere, visit our Facebook page.

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